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Stainless Container Systems

We are a distributor of Schaefer from Germany. Schaefer was founded in 1923 and today is one of the largest producers of liquid handling IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) and systems.

We provide a very wide range of standard designs, from Cylindrical IBCs, to Square, Pressure rated and electrically Heated. We also provide fully custom IBC designs, from the body, manyway, bottom and frame, we can deisgn and build exactly to your specification.


...customer-specific solutions made of stainless and standard steel. 

We know about the business of our customers and the standards which result from it. So, user-friendly and tailor-made products as well as complete solution systems made of stainless and standard steel are generated. It doesn't make any difference how diverse our customer's requests are, all products have one thing in common: precision in detail, first-class quality, simple handling and long-life cycle. 

Worldwide growth by satisfied customers

Our frequently growing success in Germany, Europe, USA and Asia would not be possible without our enthusiastic customers. Customers, who trust in our decade-long know-how and in our experienced and dedicated staff members.   Customers, who appreciate a close cooperation during the processing of creative and innovative solutions.  

Comprehensive product range

As market leader in this sector we provide the most comprehensive range of environment-friendly container systems. It goes from pressure vessels and containers for hazardous goods with 5 liters capacity to the IBC with 3,000 liters capacity.